Dino’s services are suited to a wide variety of customer needs. Whether it be color consulting and design, art direction for large projects, or instruction and training of your staff, Dino has the experience and knowledge that can make your project a success.

Dino’s knowledge of color and expertise in applying that knowledge through design will ensure that your personal living space and workplace are creative and inspirational. Expert color design is critical for a successful project. Dino is an expert at color and design.

Dino Fauci Art Direction

Dino consulting on-site

We can provide art direction and on-site training for your contractors on projects of all sizes. We can make your teams more effective on the job by demonstrating master craftsman techniques that would require extensive apprenticeship elsewhere.

Dino is also well suited for tradesman/artist learning centers that want to provide top of the line instruction on painting, color, and special finishes to their students. We can demonstrate and instruct your customers in a wealth of techniques learned over the years.