Experience is the best teacher. And Dino has tons of experience that he can draw from to instruct your crews to deliver top-notch finishes.

On-site Instruction

Dino’s on-site instruction program is designed to assist theme parks owners, contractors, and development companies embarking on a “Theme” project. We evaluate the bid package and design material and create a detailed program that outlines the most profitable workflow sequence plan. We train your crew to successfully complete the finishes with confidence through a sample program. If requested, this service can transition into an “Art Direction” contract where we will be on-site daily to direct the crew as well as attend schedule meeting and assist project managers with meeting and exceeding all milestones and budgets.

Dino Fauci Instruction Programs

Dino instructing the crew on finish techniques

Classroom Instruction

Classroom Instruction is offered to schools, learning centers, home improvement centers, and any group offering their students or customers, education in traditional painting means and methods. This includes color and basic painting techniques as well as a wide range of faux, decorative and theme finishes. These can be tailored from a beginner level to expert level based on your needs.

The client is responsible for providing the location and all materials required in order for Dino Fauci to perform the required services. We will provide a detailed materials and equipment list to the client prior to the scheduled performance date. If we are requested to provided materials, a delivery fee of 20% will be included in the material cost.