All projects big and small start with design. Without a great design to guide the project, the project can either take longer, not turn out to be what you envisioned, or worse yet, it could fail completely. And when it comes to color design…Dino is the best. A good color design is key to making your space not only livable, but enjoyable as well.

Color Design

Color Design by Dino

Many factors play a significant roll in how color is perceived, i.e. architecture, light source, surface conditions, existing decor as well as personal style. To provide you with the best service possible, it is highly advisable that we initiate the design process at the job-site where all these elements are present. If this is not possible, all available job information should be present via photo or actual samples, i.e. flooring samples, fabrics, floor plan etc.

We will evaluate your project and design a palette that best suits your environment and personal style. Our goal is to work within your desires and not to lead you in a particular direction. Our experience has shown that if what you envision will not work well with the elements of your space, we will explain why and we will work together to find a solution you are happy with.

Note: We are not an interior design firm. We do not supply fabric, flooring, furniture or accessories. We can however assist with the selection and coordination of these materials if provided by the owner.