Painting Chairs

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Black Chair Before and After BlogDo you have chairs that you’ve grown tired of?  Maybe you like the style but the color or finish is not harmonious with your new decor?  Thinking of getting new?  Before going to that expense, consider transforming what you have. Giving these pieces new life is not as difficult as you might imagine. If the thought of stripping off the old finish has you stuck in your tracks, there is an alternative…paint them. I am certainly not suggesting using a spray can from the hardware store. That almost always looks horrible. I am suggesting being a little more creative with your finish. Think of  using multiple colors, glazes; hand painted or stenciled designs, or there is a wide selection of acrylic metallic paints which really produce amazing results. You may be thinking this will not work for you because you want a stained finish. You can do that too!

Chair & Sample

I once had to match a chair to a desk that was made from burl wood; which you can see in the photo above.  Because the surface area is generally small, your finish does not have to be perfect. You can achieve remarkable results by learning some basic faux wood-grain techniques. You can also save money by shopping stores that sell “unfinished” furniture. In doing so, you can apply any finish you like right from the beginning. Quite often it’s difficult to find just the right color. Paint allows you the freedom do to just about anything you can imagine. Don’t be afraid. Research books and magazines for ideas and get started. You will be happy you did. Trust me.

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  • Jodie says:

    Those who can not do, teach. You have dismantled this old cliche Dino! These chairs are beautiful and you have given me some GREAT ideas. Thank you!

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