Painting Your Brick Fireplace

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Karl's Painted BrickDo you have a brick fireplace? Did you or someone else paint it white, or some other color? Maybe you just don’t like the color of your bricks? Do you think you are stuck with this finish? Do you think you will have to sandblast the paint off , or use chemical removers? All which will damage the bricks and still leave paint behind in the pours of the surface. Well, think again. I have just the solution to restore your bricks back to their original condition, or any condition you desire. How? Paint them. With just a few colors, a small brush and a 3” roller, you can paint realistic bricks. The bricks above were painted using acrylics found in an art supply store. This is not my preference but it was all that was available in the town where this fireplace is located. The good news is, this was painted over five years ago using Artist’s acrylics and it still looks the same. If you look at the hearth, you will see that I incorporated the color of those bricks into the palette. This created a relationship with the hearth while making the composition complete and more realistic.

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