Painting Your Floors!

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Have you ever considered painting your floors? While this may not be for everyone, it certainly can solve many design challenges. Wood floors that can not withstand another sanding can be painted to get more life out of them. Some may cringe at the thought, but if done well, painted wood floors can look very elegant. The most common color to paint a wood floor is black, or charcoal. Various designs painted on top of the solid color, adds specific charm. Depending on your architecture and furnishings, this could be a great option.

What if you have concrete floors? In this case the sky is the limit. You can paint your floors to resemble virtually any type of material. I had a project where the entire space was finished with concrete floors. In the main living area I created a modeled finish to hide patches and other blemishes. See the photos above.

In one of the bedrooms my client wanted Spanish Pavers. The challenge of using real pavers would pose an elevation problem since the entire space was the same level of concrete. I suggested painting the pavers onto the concrete. This way the level of the floor would not be changed. They loved the idea. Everyone that has seen the floor believes it is real.

If you desire marble, this can be achieved as well. I once finished an entire bathroom by faux painting Yellow Sienna Marble on the ceiling, walls, doors and floor.

Concrete floors can be painted to look like wood planking, marble, granite, tile, what ever you can think of and have the capacity to do. If properly prepared, and finished with high-quality top coats, these finishes can last for years with minimal maintenance.

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  • jodie says:

    Dino, you yet once again….AMAZE me! Your talents know no boundaries! I have cement floors in my basement and have often wondered what I could do to spice the space without carpet; after the floods in Iowa a year back, I didn’t think it a wise investment. Painting! Fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing your creativity!


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